What’s your fundraising war story?

When things go wrong with a fundraising appeal, it can seem like the end when it’s happening to you. But really, sometimes the lessons you learn in the school of hard knocks are the best ones – the ones you need to learn.

In this guest post at GuideStar blog, here are three lessons I learned the hard way:

  • Why cleverness is never a good substitute for genuine creativity in fundraising appeals.
  • What happens to an appeal when group-think takes over.
  • How the messaging in an appeal can get overshadowed and what that does to response.

Take a look at the full post here for the details. Hey, we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. With every appeal, we learn more, and that’s part of what makes fundraising so fascinating. So, what’s your fundraising war story? Let me know.

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