Email fundraising idea to test

There are lots of guidelines for fundraising emails about opt in, unsubscribe, and so on, that you’re probably well aware of.

But in that required language is an opportunity to strengthen our fundraising messages. Hear me out.

Most fundraising emails have an “unsubscribe” link that’s visible near the top. That’s required. Then, when you scroll all the way down to the footer of the email, where no one ever looks, you’ll see another “unsubscribe” link, the “forward to a friend” link perhaps, and probably social media icons.

If look even further down in the footer, you’ll probably see another, boilerplate-sounding statement that seems like it’s required language. It will be something like: “You are receiving this email because you subscribed at” (or however people opt-in to your email list).

Including this line isn’t mandatory, but it is a best practice, so it’s probably on your emails.

Now, here’s the idea to test. Take this statement — “You are receiving this email because you subscribed at” — and move it from the bottom of your email where nobody sees it to the very top of the email, so that it’s the first thing that donors will see when they open your email.

Why? Because it will immediately set the tone by reminding donors that they asked to receive emails from you. (This is assuming of course that you’re not spamming donors but are generating your opt-in list from signups, and so your recipients actually did ask to join your email list.)

Instead of donors thinking, “This is another email from ABC Nonprofit asking for money,” seeing that line of text just might reframe the whole email for them, so that they’re thinking, “This is one of those emails I opted-in to receive.”

It’s also a plus that the line seems like mandatory /  regulatory language as opposed to marketing / fundraising language.

Not a bad way to start off your fundraising message. So why not test it? Just take that line that’s now at the bottom of your email and move it all the way to the top. And if you do try it, share what happens.

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