What’s missing from your fundraising multiplier offer?

Is your multiplier offer working as well as it could be? What’s missing? Maybe something critical. Multiplier offers are pretty common in fundraising, and there’s a good reason for that.

Telling your donors that their gift will do two times, three times, or even ten times more good (or even more) is usually something they want to hear. And why not? Donors like getting a good deal.

But when those offers lack the essential element of credibility, you risk undercutting your own efforts. Because when you trumpet a multiplier like “Your gift multiplies 25 times!” without explaining how that might be possible, you’re making an unsubstantiated claim. See more here in my guest post on GuideStar blog.

Naturally, some donors might take your claim at face value, but it’s likely that many more will not. Why risk it? Here’s what to do so that your multiplier offer is as believable and as effective in raising funds as it could be. See more here.

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