Year-end fundraising: easy way to get the messaging right

It’s true – now’s the time to start thinking about year-end fundraising. The end of the year is a crucial time for nonprofits, because most of the gifts that nonprofits receive come in during December. We’ve all seen that stats about how important year end is.

So, sure, you want to do a year end appeal. That’s a given. But what do you say to donors to get them to respond?

Luckily, the messaging for this appeal is pretty simple and straightforward. Basically, you want to emphasize:

  1. The urgency of the December 31 deadline.
  2. Tax deductibility. Even though most donors don’t itemize, tax deductibility is still a potential donor benefit, and should be part of your year-end appeal. You can even say on the reply form: Any gift that is postmarked before midnight on December 31 could be fully deductible on your taxes.
  3. Sustain the nonprofit’s programs and services.
  4. Help the nonprofit end the year strong.
  5. Help the nonprofit begin the New Year in a better position to pursue its mission.
  6. Do one more act of compassion before the year comes to a close.

The year-end appeal is essentially these message points.

You can include a story about someone who was helped, accomplishments that the donor helped make possible, or other donor-focused elements if you’d like, but often this isn’t necessary.

In most cases, keeping the appeal simple and direct, focusing on the deadline, is the most effective copy platform.



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