I can tell you the moment, many years ago, when I saw that copywriting and fundraising matter. And why I’m as enthralled with both of them as you are.

A little church in a nearby rural community needed to raise $5,000 fast, or close their doors. There was no fundraising team. Virtually no budget. And few names on the mailing list.

So I took a deep breath and poured my heart out in that letter. It was just words on a page – no design or art direction. Volunteers stuffed the envelopes. The appeal went out.

A few donations trickled in, then a few more, then bigger ones. Within days, we met our goal. The volunteers cheered. The pastor beamed. We saved that church.

Today, the nonprofits I write for are much larger, and they’re in every sector from social services to medical to international relief to military to environmental, and more. But the thrill of connecting with donors and moving them to do good – that’s strong as ever.

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