I specialize in fundraising copywriting and strategy, bringing more than 15 years of fundraising experience to the work I do for clients. Capabilities include:

  • Increasing response and revenue for nonprofits with proven, donor-centric fundraising copywriting and creative strategy.
  • Writing successful appeals for acquisition, reactivation, and cultivation, along with newsletters and case statements ā€” virtually all kinds of donor-focused fundraising materials ā€” for a wide range of nonprofits.
  • Creating offers that donors respond to, both online and offline, by integrating donor benefits, urgency, and the call to action, and by matching the right offer with the right fundraising channel.
  • Developing messaging that engages donors and taps into deeper motivations for giving by using research, appeal structures that draw donors in, and response-driven storytelling.
  • Generating continuous improvement in results by implementing smart testing and incorporating the learnings for maximum response.

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