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The best reason to ask your donors more often to give

Lots of charities are shy about asking for donations. They don’t want to mail or email too often out of fear of seeming too pushy. And even in their appeals themselves, it seems like they’re trying to work up the … Continue reading

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Here’s the point if you want to raise funds

Generalities are okay in fundraising. But that’s the problem – they’re just okay. They don’t work as well as specifics to get donors inspired and motivated to give. Specifics – that’s the point in this post at Future Fundraising Now. … Continue reading

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What makes people do what they do?

They’re inscrutable. Insufferable. Illogical. And unpredictable. What makes people do what they do, react the way they do, buy the things they buy, or make the decisions they make? It’s maddening. Just ask anybody in marketing or fundraising, and you’ll … Continue reading

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