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Book review: “Everyone at a Nonprofit Is a Fundraiser”

“Your nonprofit is siloed.” That’s something you never want to hear. If you do, then your organization’s departments all have their own agendas, lack a common vision, and fail to communicate with each other. Everyone is working at cross-purposes, trying … Continue reading

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How to keep your branding from killing your fundraising

A big idea in for-profit marketing for years, branding is just as prominent in the nonprofit world. More and more charities are looking to define and differentiate themselves by consciously crafting their brands. But the question is, will your fundraising … Continue reading

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Will this marketing tactic work for your next promotion?

Two different promotions. Two different products. One marketing tactic. Maybe these marketers are onto something. They are, and it’s something we can use. In the space of one week, two promotions arrived in my mailbox. One was for a collection … Continue reading

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East is east and west is west?

There’s fundraising. Then there’s marketing. In most people’s minds, they’re two separate worlds. One is about blatant materialism, and the other’s about selfless altruism. While that may be true on one level, the fact is that both marketing and fundraising … Continue reading

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