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What’s your fundraising war story?

When things go wrong with a fundraising appeal, it can seem like the end when it’s happening to you. But really, sometimes the lessons you learn in the school of hard knocks are the best ones – the ones you … Continue reading

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Why informing donors doesn’t work in fundraising

It’s all too easy to think that if donors had enough information about a nonprofit’s work that they would donate in droves. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Truth is, as fundraisers we run into a roadblock called confirmation bias. … Continue reading

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Is your fundraising too dramatic? Good!

Effective fundraising copywriting has some qualities that seem to get under the skin of the people who review it. Jeff Brooks has written about this on FutureFundraisingNow. It’s simple, repetitive, emotional, dramatic, and makes people uncomfortable. These are all good … Continue reading

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Are you a good fundraiser? Try this simple self-check.

Your appeals get your donors involved and engaged in your nonprofit and mission, right? If you’re ready to find out, try this self-check. Call one of your donors out of the blue. You’ll be shocked. Because, odds are, your donor: … Continue reading

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Donors Are Nutty! This Might Help Explain Why

In a logical world, the bigger the problem is, the more donors would give to solve it. But people aren’t logical (it’s what makes us so much fun!). You’ve probably heard about the identifiable-victim effect. It tells us that donors … Continue reading

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Book review: “Everyone at a Nonprofit Is a Fundraiser”

“Your nonprofit is siloed.” That’s something you never want to hear. If you do, then your organization’s departments all have their own agendas, lack a common vision, and fail to communicate with each other. Everyone is working at cross-purposes, trying … Continue reading

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Trouble cultivating younger donors? This might be why

For many of us, caring about others just isn’t that important. That’s one of the shocking findings of a new study conducted by a researcher at Harvard University. http://sites.gse.harvard.edu/sites/default/files/making-caring-common/files/executive_summary.pdf First, let’s take a look at the subject of the study, high-school … Continue reading

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