How to Use Verbal Images in Fundraising Copy

When it comes to engaging your donors, you can’t just tell. You have to show. And you do it with verbal images. See my article in Fundraising Success magazine: 7 Ways to Use Verbal Images to Pull Donors into Your Appeal.

A verbal image is a succinct, sharply focused word picture that readers will immediately get. It’s concise, clear, and concrete, letting donors see exactly how their support will make a difference.

You can use verbal images to:

  1. Present the need.
  2. Convey the leverage in your offer.
  3. Show donor involvement.
  4. Put the donor’s gift into action.
  5. Highlight your donor’s impact.
  6. Convey your nonprofit’s work.
  7. Show donors how and why to give.

Take a look at the entire article at

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