What political speeches can teach us about fundraising

When they’re speechifying, politicians want their audiences to respond, and they love it when a line in a speech sets off thunderous applause. But they don’t leave this to chance. They use specific techniques to get a response, and getting people to respond is exactly what we want to do as fundraisers. See my guest post over at Future Fundraising Now for more on using these seven techniques in your fundraising:

  1. The contrast: contrast positive vs. negative.
  2. The list: Place (usually) three items in a series.
  3. The puzzle: Describe the problem, then the solution.
  4. The headline – punchline: Say you’re going to say something, then say it.
  5. The combination: Combine the previous techniques.
  6. The position: Establish a position, then take or refute it.
  7. The pursuit: Encourage response by reiterating.


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