5 ways to build rapport with donors

If we want to engage donors, it’s important to reach out to them on their terms and in ways that avoid being seen as too pushy or too salesy.

So, we want to build a friendly rapport with donors and show them that we’re on the same wavelength as they are. You can see more about it here, but there are five easy ways to do this:

  • Use logic, specifically the if-then statement to establish common ground.
  • Acknowledge your donor’s commitment, especially with donors who’ve given before.
  • Create a situation that your donor can identify with.
  • Make a confession that will create a bond with donors
  • Add a photo, so that donors can put a face with the signature on the appeal.

Not surprisingly, donors don’t like to feel like someone’s twisting their arm in order to get them to give a gift. It’s not necessary to do that or even effective for fundraising. We can create a rapport with them instead. See more about this here.


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